“Where da boys?”

Summer is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! I really don’t think I have a “favorite” season, but I definitely have my favorite parts about each season. As for summer, I love sitting in the sun, eating ice cream with friends, and of course vacation! My parents decided this year that for Christmas they wanted to give us a family vacation up in the sticks of northern Wisconsin! And by sticks I mean the nearest grocery store was 30 minutes away and you were lucky if your cell phone received signal for 5 minutes straight…it was SO great! But my family, we don’t do urban life well, so this vacation was perfect for us. I hope it’s ok but I would love to tell you a little more about this “us” that I call family.

Honestly, I adore my family. Being the youngest of three and the only girl, some may think I grew up with tutus and barbies. Now I could enjoy a barbie session every now and again, but my FAVORITE thing to do was to follow my two older brothers around the yard. My mom tells me that my first sentence was, “Where da boys?” I literally was their shadow. So instead of barbies, my days were full of building cars out of sand piles, constructing real life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle weapons, and hunting down the latest ground squirrel. Me and “da boys,” we were pretty inseparable. And I was just as inseparable with my mom. It would take an entire blog post to explain the relationship I have had with my mother, but let’s just say that to this day we remain inseparable. She stood right by my side as my matron of honor as I married my husband. Now as for that dad of mine, my love for him grows as each day passes. (Today is actually his birthday!) The desire my dad has to serve those around him, including his family, is fierce. I can say with all honesty, that he has shown me the true definition of a servant. The sacrifices he makes on a daily basis astound me. And over the years the Lord has put His hand of rich blessing on us and we have grown from a family of five to now a family of twelve. “Da boys” have found their girls and now a few nieces roam around the Oordt family.

Like any family of twelve, to find a time to take a family photo, can be just a tish difficult, so we decided what better time to do it than on vacation? I am super pumped to introduce you to my family and all the crazy that comes with us! I hope you all are having a fantastic summer!


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