The Experience


When people hear the word wedding, a million different thoughts may come to mind. But for me, when someone utters the word “wedding”, a smile immediately comes across my face. Being a photographer at a wedding is like booking a front row seat at a Broadway play. It’s literally the best seat in the house. From the time the curling iron hits her hair to the time her shoes hit the dance floor, I get to be there capturing the story from start to finish. But the story never starts there, so why should my job? My favorite part of doing weddings for the past ten years is that I have met some of the best people who share the best kind of love. And over dinner or a cup of coffee I get to hear how this story all started. Whether it be an awkward conversation in the hall of the dorm, or a friendship that slowly turned into more, the story always intrigues me.

So for me, a wedding isn’t just a day or a reason to get really dressed up. The wedding is just a chapter in their story. And I want to be sure that they don’t miss a single second of that chapter. And just like a chapter is more than pictures, I feel like my job is more than just pictures. Anyone can capture on their iPhone what you look like – I want to capture how you felt, the way your love looked on each other, and the way your family and friends rallied with support all around you. In my mind, it’s a big job; and I am lucky to not have to do it alone, but always get to walk through each wedding day with my husband by my side as my assistant. And together we seek to build a relationship with each bride and groom so that by the time we show up for that curling iron to hit your hair, we will be more than just photographers—we will be your storytellers and friends!

Joseph + Rachel

“There is no one else I would have entrusted to capture the precious moments of our wedding day. The photos Teresa took truly encapsulated the memories that I hold in my heart and I love to revisit them through her camera’s lens.”



Lifestyle is defined as the way in which an individual or group lives. Now when you mix that with photography, beautiful things can happen. Let me explain. When I graduated from photography school there were three different branches of photography: Photojournalism, Portrait, and Commercial. I studied them all but never found one that fit just right. Therefore my professors called me a personality portrait artist. Today, I think you would call me a lifestyle photographer. Because as much as I loved bringing a child into the studio and getting them posed just right under the perfect lighting with the perfect smile, nothing made my heart sing more than photographing that same child outside, playing dress up because that was what she spent her waking hours doing. Because at the end of the day, that’s where the best smiles, the best lighting, and the best “poses” will come from. So whatever it is that your children or your family loves to do, would you let me come and photograph it? From boat rides to jumping on the bed to welcoming your newborn home for the first time—I would love to be there photographing your lifestyle which in turn creates your life story.


“Teresa creates such a comfortable atmosphere that I feel like she has become one of our family members. She captures all those special moments to create AMAZING pictures!”