Moments.  It’s what my profession is all about.  Capturing that single solitary moment so that time and memory can never steal it away.  And really if you think about it, our lives are made up of millions and millions of moments.  Moments, which if you ask me, go by way too fast.  But then there are those moments where for whatever reason you know that you don’t even need a camera to capture because you will never forget them.  I had a series of those moments a couple of weeks ago.  I was sitting at my desk and my inbox flashed up with the number one telling me that I had received a new message.  I quit what I was doing to see what the message was.  It was from a woman who was hosting a Bible study in a local church, and she was discussing with a colleague how she could possibly tell the story of this thing.  In this discussion my name came to her mind.  She then asked if I would be willing to come and chat with her about this opportunity.  After reading that, I had a moment.  A moment of welling excitement as to what this might mean.

A few days later I pulled up to what I thought was her house.  I knocked on her door and she didn’t come.  I knocked again, and still no response.  After what I would describe as a rat race of trying to track her down…a rat race involving her husband, my husband, myself and her…I finally tracked her down.  She assured me over the phone that she was actually home and to come and knock again.  Stepping out of the car I walked to her front door and knocked again…still no response.  Suddenly I heard someone yelling my name.  I turned to my right to see a woman with a phone in her ear telling me that her house was actually not the house I was frantically knocking on.  It was the house next door!  Once again I had a moment.  A moment where red immediately fills your face and embarrassment hovers over like an umbrella.  I had no choice but to pick up my pride and walk next door to meet my new friend, Michelle Christy.  She chuckled as she invited me in, and we sat at her kitchen table.  We laughed about the rat race we had just involved our husbands in and soon the embarrassment melted.  She began to share her heart with me.  How the Lord had worked wonders in her life leading her up to this very moment of leading this Bible Study with these women in this town.  It was my turn to share about how the Lord too had worked wonders in my life leading me right up to this table to chat with her and to grab onto this opportunity to tell this story of her new bible study, “When Jesus Sees.”  Words struggle to tell you what I felt at that kitchen table except it that it was a divine appointment set up by Jesus himself.  In my career I have found myself telling so many different stories, but none mean more to me than telling a story like this one.  A story of women coming together to seek Jesus.  And so I had another moment.  A moment with Jesus.  Knowing that this is why I was made.  To tell His story.  To see what He sees.  To capture the moments when He speaks.  So every Wednesday I hop in my car with all my equipment and get a front row seat at seeing Jesus work in the lives of women from my very own community.  After the 10 week study is over I will compile a video telling this story, moment by moment.  I so hope to be able to share it with you.  Until then, here are a few moments I have captured so far.


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