Lifestyle Photography…what’s that? (Part Two)

As promised, I am here to show you some fun lifestyle images this week. But first, lets start with some introductions shall we? You are about to meet the Gesink family. As I sit here I am trying to honestly remember the first time I met the Gesink family, because they are the kind of family that no matter how long you have known them, it feels like you’ve known them forever. Do you know what I mean? As soon as you get to know them, they just envelop you and take you in as one of their own. Their family is full of crazy amounts of energy and creativity and their hearts hold nothing but joy and love. We have done all kinds of fun photoshoots with their family but when Kristi contacted me about doing this lifestyle session, my heart smiled wide.

Their family LOVES softball and has spent countless hours with their butts on the bleachers watching game after game. And therefore it was only fitting to photograph the Gesinks playing a casual game of softball. So one hot and humid August night we pulled up to the softball diamond and they all piled out of their Suburban and headed to the field. Like I said, I have photographed the Gesink family a couple of times, but that night as I watched them play together and snapped frame after frame, I felt like I was photographing “them” for the first time. I was photographing that energy and that creativity and I felt like I truly captured the joy and love their family possesses. So to my friend Kris Gesink…thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my husband and I feel like a part of your family! Thank you for always believing in what I do and challenging me to keep running after my dreams! And to you my blog friends, I am super excited to introduce you to the Gesinks!


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