If you haven’t already figured out from this blog, I am a not-so-subtle fan of holidays.  And I don’t usually discriminate against any certain holidays.  But I must admit, I have my favorites.  Thanksgiving and Christmas, I mean they have been front runners most of my life.  However in the last few years, Easter has crept into the running for the top spot.  Why?  I mean I do love me some JELL-O eggs but that’s not the reason I love this holiday.  We are currently in the midst of Holy Week.  And in my church, we have been working through a series of sermons on this very week and what Jesus did that week, knowing he had one week to live.  We started off the series asking the question, “If you knew you had just one week to live, what would you do with your week?”  Now honestly, think about it, what would you do?  As I have pondered the question, I was chatting with my husband and I said, you know I think I would be selfish and clear my whole schedule to spend my last few hours with those that I loved doing the things I loved.  And although Jesus did spend time with his beloved disciples, he did SO. MUCH. MORE!  He served and served and served and served and served.  He took those last few moments before his death to continue to tirelessly spread the message of the kingdom and of His love.  I mean seriously, think about that.  I think for some of us, we have heard the stories about this week so many times that they have lost their luster.  Jesus, who was walking into an excruciating death sentence that we all deserved, took time in his last few days to continue to teach, serve and love those He was dying for.  I don’t know about you, but that blows my mind.  And honestly the whole “holiday” of Easter does just that, blows my mind.  And that’s why I love this holiday!  So I don’t know what this week looks like for you.  Maybe you’ll be like me and be filling JELL-O mold after JELL-O mold with that colorful gelatin.  But whatever you do, I pray that the message of Easter will sink into the deep crevices of your heart and blow your mind.  Have the best Easter!