I know in life there are a lot of choices. What to eat, what to wear, what to watch, the list goes on. And choosing a photographer can certainly be added to that list.

Whether it be for the big day of your wedding or finding that right person to capture the spirit of your family or children, it’s important to you that you make a good choice. But, after 10 years of photographing and connecting with hundreds of clients, I’ve come to realize that choosing the right photographer is not only a choice, but an investment. An investment into moments in life that will be captured forever—into images that, just like an investment, seem to grow over the span of your years, allowing you a window to remember all of life’s most treasured moments. What a precious investment—one that I don’t take lightly as a photographer.

I consider it a humble privilege to walk into some of your life’s best moments and record them in a way that will tell your story, a story similar to no one and unique to you. And having poured years of education and experience into this calling of mine as a photographer, I promise to make your investment a worthwhile one.

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Aaron + Alicia

“You truly captured our personalities in all of our images and we will treasure them forever! You helped make our wedding day a day we will never forget.”