Check that off the list!

The clock only said 5:30 when my eyes opened up on Saturday morning and my stomach was all a fuss. In just three short hours, my feet would hit the pavement to run my very first 5K. Having trained for over seven months, I knew I was ready. But when I arrived at our local park I wasn’t so sure. But ready or not, here the race came. As I crossed the start line my legs already felt like jell-o because of all my nerves. But one foot in front of the other, I pressed on. This particular 5K was put on by a group from our community that desires to promote adoption and help end abortion through prayer and this 5K. Each year they choose a family who is adopting and any proceeds from the race goes toward their adoption costs. And so as I ran I thought about those faces of those children all across the world without families. Those children who never will have a chance at life because of abortion.

As I came around a bend near the middle of my race, I saw another face. This time it was the face of my husband Kyle, my trainer. There isn’t enough space in this blog for me to tell you what he means to me. But he believed in me before I believed in me. And so we began training…which you can read about HERE. Whether he trained with me or got a text about what I did for the day, he was always the best at encouraging me.

After seeing Kyle I still had half the race to run and it was tough. But I was determined to cross that finish line and I did. Me and my pink tennis shoes we ran all 196,580 inches that are in a 5K. No awards, no record setting times, just finishing. No award was necessary because when you do something that you never thought was possible, the joy that comes from that is better than any award! So my friends, what is it for you? What is that one thing that you never in your wildest dreams thought you could do? Dream big and write it down. I have a whole list, I call it my bucket list and Saturday I checked another one off…running a 5K. What’s next from my list, who knows? But I CAN’T WAIT!


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