They gathered in a big circle.  They had just finished Bible school where many of them understood for the first time what the blood of Jesus meant and the power of His love.  Now in front of them stood a huge pallet full of beautifully wrapped gifts.  After a few songs and a prayer, we began to hand out the gifts one by one, trying to guess their age as each package was labeled with a boy or girl sticker and an appropriate age.  We counted down and when we reached zero…

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It was almost a year ago to this day that a plane landed its wheels in Monrovia, Liberia carrying me and a whole lot of other passengers.  I was there to document with one of my best girls the story of what Samaritan’s Purse was doing in Liberia.  It was the 10 year anniversary since the end of the Liberian civil war, one of the worst civil wars in history..  Over the next ten days we made some serious miles to the most remote areas of Liberia and sat on benches and heard how the love of Jesus is changing lives.  I don’t even know how to describe what that did to my heart.

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