Bucket List…

It was about five years ago now and I was dating my beloved Kyle at the time.  We had decided to spend our evening together just kicking back, relaxing and watching a movie.  My mother has a great selection of movies and as we were paging through them earlier in the day, The Bucket List, jumped out at us.  If you haven’t seen the movie its a story about two gentlemen from very different paths of life that find themselves in the same hospital room.  After a few days they discovered they both had the same gloom future with only a few months to live.  So they make these bucket lists.  Essentially a bucket list, is a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.”  As the rest of the movie unfolds, they proceed to check each experience off their lists.

The movie ended and Kyle looked at me and said we should make our very own bucket lists.   We hauled out some notebooks and pens and began scribbling away.  Now I always think that I, like so many others, had this running list of dreams and things I wanted to do in my lifetime, but it was SO fun to sit and write them down.  And when I disappeared over New Years from the blog world, Kyle and I were out there in the world, crossing two things off of my list.  Now I understand that in revealing parts of my list, I risk sounding crazy but here goes nothing.  For whatever reason, I have always had the strangest desire to see a whale in the wild.  I know, so weird right?  But the dream was real, my friends.  And a good friend of mine told me once that the BEST place to go whale watching is nowhere but Hawaii.  Now conveniently, going to Hawaii was also on my list.  So after doing some saving and finding a great sale on tickets to Maui, Kyle and I took the plunge and bought two round trip tickets.

Every morning I woke up, opened my eyes and saw the Pacific Ocean laid out before me like a painting.  I had to pinch myself just to see if it was real.  We spent 8 beautiful days in Maui sitting on the beach, eating delicious seafood, taking in the beauty of the island, and of course going whale watching.  My husband joked with our friends and family before we left that we would go on AT LEAST one whale watch tour…and that number ended up being three.  I loved every second of every one, but my favorite by far was the last one. Just minutes into our whale watch, we saw a full breach where the whales jump completely out of the water.  Soon after a school of dolphins caught up with us and played around the front of our boat right where I was seated.  But as cool as those two moments were my favorite was yet to come.  I had positioned myself at the bow of the boat with my camera in hand doing my best to capture the beauty all around me.  As we approached a pod of whales they began to swim right for our boat.  The captain had told us earlier that they sometimes will swim right underneath the boat and often look a lot like a submarine.  So I stuck my head over the side of the boat, eyes peeled on the water beneath.  Seconds, later an adult humpback whale swam right underneath the bow of the boat in waters so clear it was like I was looking through glass.  He was so close that I wasn’t able to take a picture, but I promise it was a moment I will never forget.

Soon after our whale watch was over it was time to fly home.  As I boarded the plane, my heart was so full.  You know I have learned so much about God in my lifetime.  I have learned that when life is challenging, He believes in you.  I have learned that when life is good, He celebrates with you.  And I have learned that when life hurts, He cries with you.  But on this trip I learned something new about God, and I love learning something new about Him.  I learned that His love is even deeper than I thought.  Because anyone can love the big things about you, like what you do for a living, but it takes a different kind of love to love the little things about you, like wanting to see a whale.  And sure enough He pushed one right underneath my nose.

So whats your little thing?  Whats that thing you have always wanted to do in life, but were afraid if you would say it people would think you are crazy?  Could you just do me a favor and write it down somewhere?  I promise, you’ll feel better if you do.  And if you really want to share them with someone, tell me!  I LOVE to hear what people put on their bucket lists, or as Kyle and I now call them, our dream lists.  So pull out a pen and start dreaming my friends!


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